what our clients and employees say about us

“I would like to take this opportunity to let everyone know about this exceptional business that those with in home health needs can tap into. Because of life changing circumstances I had the opportunity to be introduced to them a few years back. It was a very difficult time for some very special people that were dear to me and may others. Home Sweet Home Care was brought on board to take care of the people of which I am speaking. They were life savers from day one. There for what ever was needed, special arraignments were always made to make sure this family was taken care of completely. There was never a time they dropped the ball but instead went over and above everything expected of them with positive attitudes of workers and complete cooperation from the owner of the company. I highly recommend them without exception if you have a need for the work they perform. They are Exceptional in every respect!”

Sincerely, Eddie Embry

We are so pleased with the outcome of hiring Home Sweet Home Care. They truly went above and beyond for many years for us. We never had to worry about our dear friends because we knew that someone from Home Sweet Home Care would be there and we could trust that they were taking the very best care possible. From the caregivers to the management, I highly recommend Home Sweet Home Care.

Sincerely, Les Johnson

I started working for HSHC 3 years ago. I have enjoyed working with everyone. You get very attached to the clients and want to make their lives better. This is the best job I’ve ever had and the absolute best bosses you could ever ask for. They not only care about the clients but their caregivers, as well.

Lisa P

Not only great people to work for but they really do go the extra mile for the client and the caretakers.

Sincerely, Hillary S

HSHC is such a wonderful addition to our community. A wonderful company with a compassionate spirit.

Sincerely, MaryAnn H

I am proud to say that I work for such a great company. They CARE about their employees and their clients. The smiles on the faces of our clients says it all!

Sincerely, Kristina M

We are more than work and a job… We are a family lead by God to do His work. I couldn’t ask for a better group to call my work family and my friends. God has so much more in store for Home Sweet Home Care.

Sincerely, Chrissetta L

Excellent company to work for!! They truly care about their clients and employees

Bobbi Jo M

I really enjoy working for this company… I love it!! Great people!

Ladonna E

This company is not like any other company! They not only care about their clients but they care about their employees too. Kyle and Bethany work with their employees schedules but make sure the clients schedule is first priority and are just one call away when something has happened. We all work as a team and make sure the clients are well taken care of. For Home Sweet Home Care, the first priority is the clients.

Stephanie M

A very professional and caring environment from the moment you walk into the office til you go to the patient’s home. They strive to keep your elderly parent, grandparents, or family in general at home. Where they feel safe and secure. An excellent alternative to any nursing home the employees come into the elders home cook, clean, wash dry clothes, and provide around-the-clock companionship for any that may need it. Like a tight knit family they would love to serve your family in the future, and allow us to become part of your family as well.

April S

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